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Going Shabestar, Thruogh Kashan

Abbas Akbari

- Solo Show

16 Nov - 16 Dec, 2021

 Going Shabestar, Thruogh Kashan

Instead of statement I was born in Tehran. But I am from Kashan! I work and live in Kashan, even when I am not in Kashan. Being from Kashan as described is not dependent on being a resident there; it is due to falling in love, falling in love with history, cultural background, and art of Kashan. I travelled to Kashan 20 years ago, just for a simple visit, but it kept me infatuated with the soil. I stayed in Kashan and I worked with the soil. I made some works, and backed by the name of Kashan, put them on display. I furrowed into history and found my way traveling through geography. The latest travel was a trip to Shabestar, from Kashan, though! The result, however, was brought to Kashan, not to Tehran. This is what I used to say 20 years ago: that Kashan has been generating art in our history the same way as it is to become a geography for showcasing it. Abbas Akbari, Autumn 2021, Kashan

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Baba Taher

Abbas Akbari

35.5 × 35.5 × 5cm

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Notes On Peace

Abbas Akbari

166 × 50 × 6cm