Brick Games

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Brick Games
Group Show

8 days to the ending

18 Mar - 25 May, 2022

Brick Games

Games are always plural. A game has to be very disappointing to not want to start a new round and then another. The Brick Game video game console that flooded the market in the 90s promised to contain 9999 games. It was probably much less, but it doesn’t matter, without a doubt Tetris was the one that got me hooked, the one I liked the most. Many years later, I still play for long periods of time on airplane trips where they still offer this idle option. I love the paradox of how it works. To advance without advancing. To move up a level, the brick wall has to remain as low as possible, as other bricks progressively fall. If there are gaps in the wall and its height grows too high, until it passes the upper limit of the screen, the game ends. On the contrary, it is a matter of forming one or more lines, from one side to the other, compact and seamless, so that the bricks disappear, thus leaving more space for the others that, in the meantime, continue to fall, each time at a faster and faster speed.///

At the formal and chromatic level, it is a question of creating unions of independent fragments. Discontinuous unions awaiting the decisive fragment that will appear to resolve and complete the compact and seamless lines. The works of the sixteen artists gathered together propose different languages that approach the urban, (video)games and design. In a discontinuous manner, each is an independent fragment. “What defense can a discontinuous wall offer?” wondered the narrator in The Building of the Chinese Wall. Like that story, this project proposes a system of partial construction, unfinished unions, thus offering several possible routes, comings and goings, in search of increasing the serotonin levels of those who visit this group exhibition.

Francesco Giaveri

Curator: Francesco Giaveri


In this show

Sepand Danesh, La Ballade, 2020, 0
2020 | La Ballade

Sepand Danesh

40.5 × 18.9 × 8.1cm

Sepand Danesh, Dream, 2020, 0
2020 | Dream

Sepand Danesh

10.8 × 35.1 × 8.1cm

Sepand Danesh, Pinguin, 2021, 0
2021 | Pinguin

Sepand Danesh

92 × 79 × 76cm

Installation view