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Group Show

18 Jan - 17 Feb, 2022


Cloth, fiber, and spinning symbolize destiny and what is fated. Sewing, in particular, reflects the integration and the multifaceted connection of objects, layers, causes, and effects to each other to create an integrated whole that generates a new concept or utilization. Sewing is one demanding and irreversible deed that unites the phases of existence to their utmost origin, and it is in a sort, the rule of everlasting return, since the union of components is their pure existence, and the autonomous operation of each component is negated following their union by fiber and makes sense only through this unique and united existence. Curator: Sadaf Kiani Artists: Rozita Sharafjahan - Mojtaba Vahedi - Neda Darzi - Nazli Abbaspour - Fariba Boroufar - Mona Jula -

Collaborative Section: The 6th Life of Tree : Selfhood Selected Artists by Neda Darzi: Aida Alibakhsh - Mojdeh Atrak - Mona Barani - Raya Bakhtiari

In this show

Rozita Sharafjahan, Portrait of Laura, 2018, 0
2018 | Portrait of Laura

Rozita Sharafjahan

42 × 48cm

Fariba Boroufar, Untitled, 0, 0

Fariba Boroufar

30 × 40cm

Mojtaba Vahedi, Ashura, 0, 0

Mojtaba Vahedi

38 × 33cm

Mona Jula, Untitled, 0, 0

Mona Jula

30 × 40cm

Nazli Abbaspoor, Untitled, 0, 0

Nazli Abbaspoor

44 × 39cm

Neda Darzi, The 6th Life of Tree Selfhood, 2021, 0
2021 | The 6th Life of Tree Selfhood

Neda Darzi

230 × 200cm

Installation view