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Alien to Another
Group Show

21 Jan - 31 Jan, 2022

Alien to Another

This collection of artworks is the product of the period of separation from another, another who in fact is the object of our desire, gaze and discourse. Who stands at a distance from “us” due to this separation and detachment, the “us” that was once associated with a pluralistic and polyphonic discourse, now its semantic range is diminishing and by detaching from the collective discourse, is transforming to the “I” in process. The objective experiences of this collection is the result of viewing I beyond the “self” and not the other. In fact, the otherness of “I” is what I have lived in loneliness. A kind of existential loneliness that sometimes displays itself from the sharp edge of erosion of the drives of life, moving towards the drives of death. Sohrab Ahmadi

Curator: Nazli Abbaspour- Sarah Sasani


  • -  Nazli Abbaspoor
  • -  Bahar Aslani
  • -  Zohre Solati
  • -  Sara Sasani
  • -  afsaneh salim bayati
  • -  Zohre Salimi