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Eric Legris and Sara Rahmanian

13 Jan - 13 Feb, 2022


1969 Gallery presents Quotidian/Episodes: Eric Legris + Sara Rahmanian, a two-person exhibition consisting of paintings that explore personal remembrances of events anchored in times of contemplation. The title alludes to the psychology of the everyday within episodic memories — the conscious act to discern the emotional, temporal and spatial qualities of a past experience./// In Sara Rahmanian's paintings the self-reflexive gaze functions as a performative act. Noting the quotidian in solitude, Rahmanian observes objects on the brink of transition. Each painting builds up uncanny vistas of interior spaces where the banal morphs into a magically realistic nuance. Fragments of place and snippets of humor emerge on re-imagined playful scenes . Using visual maneuvers of defamiliarization, Rahmanian disrupts her own mnemonic diaries. Each painting encompasses a syncretism of memories — yesteryears in Teheran are in dialogue with a recent emigration to the American Northeast. Throughout her paintings, Sara Rahmanian continues to explore expanding possibilities of meaning-making. This potency is inherent in the simple act of pausing to observe the everydayness of material things.


In this show

Sara Rahmanian, Untitled, 2021, 0
2021 | Untitled

Sara Rahmanian

70 × 46cm

Installation view