Write More Clearly, So I Can See You In Words

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Write More Clearly, So I Can See You In Words

Maryam Pesian and Sara Sarkheil

8 days to the ending

31 Dec - 30 Jan, 2022

Write More Clearly, So I Can See You In Words

Having started their career in the field of art and fashion, Maryam Pesian and Sara Sarkheil founded the brand “Farda.” Aiming to recognize daily concerns, they started designing collections that focus on visionary approaches to mechanical life, technology, inner cognition, and beauty. They believe that clothes are not merely for covering the body: they can give everyone an individual character, while also encouraging them to be extraordinary./// In their “Write More Clearly, So I Can See You in Words” project, Maryam and Sara seek to take an interdisciplinary approach by presenting structures such as wormholes—hypothetical structures that connect heterogeneous points in space-time—in their works, as shortcuts in the space-time continuum. In this multifaceted project, engraving the words from the letters in the texture of the clothes can be a proper context for the survival of the information and awareness contained in them, which have so far been left out of the interpretation cycle. The dormant sounds of letters can flow through the city by covering the body of individuals, regaining their unique identity and ultimately managing to survive. The installation in the Room No. 1, entitled “Tesseract,” seems to extend its arms to give information and data to the audience to survive the slippery slope of oblivion. In the Room No. 2, the story is different though. In the “Pending Room,” there are letters that have never reached their recipient and now is not the time for them to be elevated to the sublime state of being read either. It is as though making a conscious interruption in the process acts like suspensions all these years, so that they may find their way into our world in Farda’s future projects. In the Room No. 3, which is called “Akashic” -a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever have occurred in the past, present, or future- an interactive space is formed, in which the audience remain as an intermediary who participates in the reading process by wandering in the words of the original owners of the letter, like a curious postman. The installation is designed in a way that sometimes the transmission of meaning is deferred or even the whole process is made impossible. In Pasio, which is the centerpiece of the project, the numerous cloth sleeves of the installation want to put an end to waiting for letters that have been in a state of suspension in the dimension of time, while the words engraved on the sleeves seek a way to express themselves and find their own identity. The first part of “Write More Clearly, So I Can See You in Words” will be held in the Pasio space and the Room(s) of Mohsen Projects, and the second part, which includes unique edition outfits from Farda Design, will be presented in the Avaplatt. In the confusion of temporal orbits, gravity, mass, and physics take on a different meaning, and all that remains is information and consciousness. This information is archived in a space-time situation called Akashic. Since time is relative, our experience of its transition depends on the speed of our motion in spatiotemporal orbits. In this series, which is designed based on disappearance and suspension, with the help of letters lost in time, we have created shortcuts to pass through time, so that, like wormholes from different space-time dimensions, one can experience time travel. These letters, which have long been in a dormant state, have been discovered in a place far away from their time orbit. In the path of the moments, riding on the train of time, they wait for the flow of everyday life. Looking for an opportunity to stay, they find their way to the moment through the gaps designed in the form of a set of sleeves. These silent words and sounds, which remained in the coordinates of the written time, have been given identity and registered in Farda’s clothes. Thus, these clothes not only cover the body, but also become part of this awareness and information, entering the flow of life. Abandoned words and archived sounds reconsider the whispers of fingers and the glow of the eyes, reminding us of lost tones, so that they may be seen in more legible lines, perhaps at this very moment, in another orbit of time, someone is writing a reply to these letters.


  • -  Maryam Pesian
  • -  Sara Sarkheil

Installation view