The Charm of City

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The Charm of City

Azam Shadpour - Solo Show

5 days to the ending

12 Jan - 27 Jan, 2022

This exhibition shows photographs from the urban space of Graz by the Tehran photographer Azam Shadpour. During her three-month artist-in-residency stay in Graz, the photographer let herself be driven through the strange city on foot, in line with Baudelair's description of strolling, in order to get to know it through her observations. As in a previous project by Azam Shadpour, the focus was on what was unknown to her, which aroused her curiosity. She looked for motifs that - compared to her city of Tehran - appeared completely absurd and alien, but at the same time appeared to Graz residents as a completely normal and therefore almost invisible image. What finally caught her eye on her forays through Graz were these red and white striped plastic ribbons that could be found in many corners and that reminded her of the Austrian flag with their choice of color. These plastic straps, which - despite their own vulnerability - are used as physical and visual barriers to warn and demarcate danger, have become the main theme of their stroll in Graz. The combination of two photos (one that shows a city with a leisurely rhythm and full of silence and a second photo that documents the red and white urban installations) gives the viewer a new perspective of the city.

Installation view