Fragments of Her

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Fragments of Her

Farzaneh Ghadyanloo - Solo Show

17 Dec - 20 Jan, 2022

Fragments of Her

Ghadyanloo has described art as an unrequited passion, and nothing could truly describe the bittersweet quality of her creations. Recently her practice and attention have turned more specifically to the experiences of women, especially those recovering from trauma. While her art is and always has been rooted in the minutiae of daily life, her innate talent as a visual storyteller is primed to explore those minutiae in the lives of others all over the world. We are now looking in on an inspiring moment in Ghadyanloo’s career./// As an Iranian woman who has freed herself from the bounds of Cliché art, she has the vision, momentum, and independence to create work that is ever more relevant, real, and universally relatable. Ghadynaloo has said: “My art should be derived from my era, my time, my streets, my surroundings, my nature, my people, my friends...” But when an artist employs imperatives with a refined eye, the results will always speak to a broader human condition.

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