Unrealised Projects

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Unrealised Projects

Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam - Solo Show

75 days to the ending

26 Nov - 11 Feb, 2022

Unrealised Projects

This exhibition which is the result of a collaboration between Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam Foundation and Pejman Foundation is being held three years after the artist’s death and focuses on one of his most important artistic periods i.e. the interactive sculptures. The exhibition features more than one hundred works including sculptures, bas-reliefs, études, and an aluminum piece from this period. The last time that the complete collection of these sculptures were presented, was in the Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam review of works exhibited in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 2004. The études presented, however, is the first time to be displayed all together. Furthermore, this exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to interact with some of the artworks. Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam: Unrealised Projects Dynamic Sculptures from Small to Monumental (1968-2018) Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory In collaboration with Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam Foundation ‌

Curator: Hamoun Vaziri Moghaddam