A Fraction of the Whole

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A Fraction of the Whole

Kavian Hazeli

- Solo Show

9 days to the ending

26 Nov - 7 Dec, 2021

A Fraction of the Whole

If we imagine every day as a street, then life can be considered as a big city. The artist, Kavian Hazeli, carefully explores this imaginary city and he produces images that are projecting a moment of his encounter with everyday life, the life we all live in. From the artist's perspective, each passing day will become a bitter or sweet memory./// Hazeli portrays the entanglement we all have with our memories. By presenting an image of a scene, a street, an event, or a person in the form of indistinctive sketches in bright backgrounds, he transforms every moment into distant memories in our subconscious and invites us to reflect on time on it. It is as if no matter how much you want to remember that moment as it was, somehow emotions overwhelm the memory and the memory changes. Such moments might have been captured in photos. However, Hazeli integrates time and emotion into those moments, so he creates a dynamic structure of memory. The artist challenges the classic aesthetic form of art by facing us with a documentary image, which could be striking rather than the depiction of beauty. Zarvan Roohbakhshan