Doubt and the Earth

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Doubt and the Earth

Negin Ataeeyeh

- Solo Show

2 days to the ending

19 Nov - 30 Nov, 2021

Doubt and the Earth

Negin Ataeeyeh's works in this collection are full of paradoxical desire for existence and non-existence: the passion for the continuity of life and integration with nature, along with a mysterious appetite for destruction, demolition, and chaos. In 'Here, have a magical apple', the painter invites us to her imaginary world. She depicted a sense of belonging to the place where she lives and the passion for reunifying with it by a magical imagination./// We can see the wish to leave the urban lifestyle and return to nature along with a confidence that only exists at home. In other words, the painter has spread her home into the horizon. In this collection, Ataeeyeh uses dislocation, juxtaposition, and metamorphosis to expand her imagination; and question, "what is normal?". She has placed her body while drinking, smoking, bathing, love-making, hair-braiding, praying, and touching, not at home but in pristine nature. In 'Lady Iran Lying on a Meadow', she under questioned their similarities and differences by juxtaposing two contrasting elements, namely a predator and a naked woman. In "The Blue River" and 'Late-night Conversation with the Rose' by melting the hair into a river and transforming the flower into an imaginary companion, respectively, she creates a surreal atmosphere. The present collection offers us an imaginary journey into the nature of femininity. The traditional feminine features, including tenderness, empathy, delicacy (the relation of women with flowers, mirrors, and apples), adorning oneself and others, joining with the earth, and domesticating predators, are apparent at first glance. However, the paradox of the story culminates in a painting called 'The Blue Room', where we see the painter's self-portrait in a room where she usually works and imagines. Like most of Ataeeyeh's artworks, this self-portrait has a tiny head and empty eyes gazing with a fake smile while drinking a potion. Around her, there are symbols of delicate feminine stereotypes, such as an uprooted plant, an apple, cooking utensils, masks, knives, pliers (tools that can be used for killing and torture), and cigarettes. In this mysterious combination, a handless wooden mannequin, a ghost in the darkroom, a mutilated limb, and a red clock unveil the urge to destroy. Raika Khorshidian

Installation view