The Shape of Oil

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The Shape of Oil

Group Show

62 days to the ending

11 Nov - 29 Jan, 2022

The Shape of Oil

With this exhibition hinterland would like to start an artistic discussion on the one resource which has such an enormous impact on our economic cycle we are all benefitting from: OIL. Although we are aware of the environmental problems of this substance, we continue building pipelines and inventing further economic systems to be able to extract affordable petrol. When an incident happens where oil spreads over our landscapes, seas and wildlife miserably die, only then we pause briefly and realize the negative impact of this product./// But have we ever really thought about the working conditions of those extracting the oil and working on the oil fields? Have we really thought about the geopolitical implications of oil? We could keep asking questions... but do we really want to see and (re)act properly? hinterland would like to allow a deeper insight and a more extensive look on the material and research its social and geopolitical impacts. Eight international artists have been invited to work on several historical, social and (geo)political issues arising from oil. Wherever it comes from, Africa, America, Europe, Middle East - many countries, many shapes of oil. But one question remains, how does oil shape our lives?


Installation view