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Five Steps Left

Group Show

26 days to the ending

9 Oct - 13 Nov, 2021

Five Steps Left

“Five Steps Left” is the title of a group project that invites the viewers to look at wall writings in the city. The writings can be there for a while, then be painted over, or be covered by another mural. The whole process of making and removing wall writings, graffiti, and murals has become a living part of the city. A wall is a structure that encloses an area and it has been a long time since we have been surrounded by the walls. They exist in buildings and houses but the walls could expand until they appear in our minds as well. In this project, we have tried to show that walls, contrary to their purpose of enclosing spaces, have inadvertently become a medium for reproducing thoughts and feelings in the modern sense and the means of expressing sociopolitical desires and aspirations. Moreover, these ephemeral and pithy images and writings work as a tool for interaction between groups of people separated from each other by the society./// We conceived the process as a common effort between communities, as we tried to record and examine the changes and forms on the city walls by photographing them. The project is an introduction to this kind of approach.

The video installation will be shown at MIM Backyard in October 9 October 16 November 13 November 20 November 27

Curator: Roxana Manouchehri


  • -  Dorsa Basij
  • -  Maryam Ardalan
  • -  Mitra Ardalan
  • -  Farbod Farvan
  • -  Atefeh Fallahpour
  • -  Lobat Mirsadeghi
  • -  Rosita Taheri