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Ali Beheshti - Solo Show

4 days to the ending

8 Oct - 22 Oct, 2021


Dastan's Basement presents "Opaque", a solo exhibition of works by Ali Beheshti. "Opaque" starts on October 7, 2021 and continues until .... This is the artist's third solo exhibit at Dastan Basement. He has held two other shows, "Interpretation" and "Insensible", with Dastan' Basement in 2017 and 2019m respectively. In this exhibition, Beheshti presents designs in the form of two-dimensional works with a combination of car color, black pigment, ink and toner. Beheshti regards his recent collections as "studies in form within an architectural framework." Characteristics of the medium in these work are put to test and images move between print, drawing, and photograph. "Opaque", the title of this show, refers to an object that emits no light and can only appear in the presence of light. This object is reflected in the body of isolated forms in his works and this blackness gives them a semantic character. The artist reduces the attributes of his subjects to change their nature. For this reason, the visual source of his works remains obscure, and although they are inspired by nature, architecture, or traditional motifs, their subject matter is cannot be readily categorized. The artist believes that despite the occasional similarities of his works with the formalist works of the early twentieth century, they go through different semantic passages and are derived from his inner and environmental.

In this show

Installation view