Louis Vuitton celebrates 200 years - Online Viewing

Group Show

15 days to the ending

4 Aug - 4 Oct, 2021

Louis Vuitton celebrates 200 years - Online Viewing

About the online exhibition: On August 4, 2021, our founder Louis Vuitton would turn 200 years old. To celebrate the man, his innovative spirit, and his ongoing legacy, we have invited 200 visionaries spanning the fields of art to science across the world to express their creativity in our windows. In response to an open brief, these creatives have shared their dreams, fears, ideas, reflections. An amalgamation of the past, present and future. We meet Magic Louis and his trunks, as they transmit this collection of ideas to viewers around the globe; across our global network a snapshot of each submission will be on view, changing twice a day./// We invite the world to this milestone celebration, and hope you enjoy the eclectic and exuberant human spirit we imagine Louis Vuitton was once inspired by. In recognition of their contribution Louis Vuitton have pledged to donate €10,000 in the name of and on behalf of each Visionary to one of fifteen non-profit organisations. The selected organisations have been chosen for their focus on enabling access to, and encouraging discovery of, the arts and creativity for young people and those from disadvantaged communities. We have chosen organisations from around the globe which represent many different aspects of creativity.

About the project "Diva" by Bita Fayyazi: "''The Diva' is a film of my performance acted out in 2004 in Tehran and filmed by Fergus Meikeljon who travelled to Iran for a visit. It is meant to be performed as many times as possible in any of the future art venues in different part of the world. ... The Diva, a wanderer seeking hope and passion in the spiritual void of this world; an ongoing fable..... The Diva's dress is composed of silk-screen images of incidents, events, people and places which have had profound influence during my life in Iran. These images have been selected from family albums plus those printed in daily newspapers; parents' wedding, childhood memorial photos, family get-togethers, the Shah, the Iran-Iraq war, a friend who participated in the war, a martyr's tomb, public street hangings of criminals convicted of murder and rape, Ashura religious ritual, the city of Bam, before and after the earthquake, and more." - You can watch this film through the following link: https://louis200.com/projects/190