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In Bewilderment of Birds
Pantea Rahmani - Solo Show

10 Sep - 24 Oct, 2021

In Bewilderment of Birds

Etemad Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation proudly bring to you Pantea Rahmani’s long-awaited retrospective of works “In Bewilderment of Birds”; a selection of drawings, paintings, and sculptures inspired by the artists’ affinity with these allegorical creatures. The exhibition also provides viewers with some of the most important details influencing the course of the artist's life and her artistic process throughout the years. In addition to showing artworks this multi-layered project will include documentaries on the endangered bird species of Iran and a book launch of the exhibition. In the past, Birds were an integral part of our relationship with myths, social culture and the environment. Today, they are of little concern and destroyed in large numbers. "In Bewilderment of Birds" seeks to reflect on our relationship with nature today and to better understand birds as one of the most vital components of our daily lives.

Installation view