They and Their Hair

Mehdi Hosseini and Farida Safaeian

10 Sep - 15 Sep, 2021

They and Their Hair

Shalman Art Gallery invites you to participate in the opening of "they and their hair" photography exhibition by Mehdi Hosseini and Farida Safaeian which will be held on Friday, Sep. 10, 2021 from 4:30 to 21 PM. This exhibition will be held from the Sep. 24, 2021 from 4:30 to 8:30 PM. “They” make up about 15 percent of the world population. What is outstanding about them is their curly hair. This feature all by itself is neither positive nor negative. Firstly, it is something that has to do with genetics. Secondly, it can also be developed, meaning that the other 85 percent of people could change their appearance to look like the minority of curly-haired people. It can be claimed that had there been no social media such as Instagram, Telegram, etc. all around the world, it would have been highly unlikely for the subculture of that 15 percent to become universal. The reason is that they find each other on social media, get to know each other and create a network. Khordad 1st or May 22nd is chosen as day to hold a celebration for “curly hair” annually. Although “they” have chosen a day to celebrate, their human and social conditions and their upbringing have created more opportunities to gather together during the year. In these gatherings they occupy themselves with their social and generational interests such as dance, music and other forms of happiness. Their gatherings could have had many reasons but they are a result of the society that limits gatherings and friendships. However, this underground gathering because of one simple reason, hairstyle and having curly hair and turned into a subculture. People respond differently. Sometimes they make fun of them and some consider them as happy people. “They and their hair” is result of two-year-long photography of a subculture representing different decades in Iranian society. This has stemmed from their interest and their imagination. Whether it is through their personal belongings or their interest, a bond is created between them in the conflicting world of modernity, tradition and religion only to allow them to share their dreams through their hair.