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The Currier Museum
The Currier Museum

Moody Currier and his wife Hannah Slade conceived the idea of founding an art museum in the 1890s. A former governor of the state, Moody died in 1898, and Hannah in 1915. Their estate and house formed the basis of the Currier Gallery of Art, which was chartered by the state legislature in 1919. The museum building opened in October 1929, a few days before the great stock market crash ushered in the Great Depression. In 1982, new galleries designed by Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer opened. In the 1950s, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes for two local doctors in Manchester. The Zimmerman House was bequeathed to the museum in 1988, while the Kalil House was purchased by the museum in 2019. the museum facilitates conversations and experiences around art. The Currier Museum aims to be nimble and creative in using its distinctive collection of historical and contemporary art. We connect the art of the past with the future through an artist-in-residence program based in our community. The museum teaches art as a way to understand the creative process in all fields and embraces differences and multiple points of view.

Working Days : Wednesdays to Sunday: 10 to 17,Thursday: 10 to 20

Working hours: 10:00 am-05:00 pm

Working days: Wednesday - Sunday Off days: Monday - Tuesday

Past Shows

Arghavan Khosravi Arghavan Khosravi's Artworks
The Currier Museum
14 Apr - 5 Sep, 2022