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Palais de Tokyo Art Center
Palais de Tokyo Art Center

In March 2002, Nicolas Bourriaud and Jérome Sans launched the Site de création contemporaine in the west wing of Palais de Tokyo. Endowed with a restricted operating budget, but run by a brilliant and committed team, it soon became simply known as Palais de Tokyo, quickly making its mark as a trendsetter in the art world. The eastern wing of the building belongs to the City of Paris, and hosts the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris). The western wing belongs to the French state and since 2002 has hosted the Palais de Tokyo / Site de création contemporaine, the largest museum in France dedicated to temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Open to all disciplines and with the ambition to explore all realms of artistic expression – from performance to fashion to arts and crafts and more – Palais de Tokyo has also developed a cultural program at the intersection of movement, sound, and language, and in 2015 launched the annual “DO DISTURB” festival.

Open Days: Everyday except Tuesdays

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Working hours: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

In this museum

Painting, Farrokh Mahdavi, Untitled, 2019, 20383
2019 | Untitled

Farrokh Mahdavi

Painting, Farrokh Mahdavi, Untitled, 2019, 18316
2019 | Untitled

Farrokh Mahdavi

110 × 90cm

Installation view

Past Shows

Group Show City Prince/sses
Palais de Tokyo Art Center
21 Jun - 8 Sep, 2019

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