In March 2002, Nicolas Bourriaud and Jérome Sans launched the Site de création contemporaine in the west wing of Palais de Tokyo. Endowed with a restricted operating budget, but run by a brilliant and committed team, it soon became simply known as Palais de Tokyo, quickly making its mark as a trendsetter in the art world.

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Palais de Tokyo (Art Center)

Palais de Tokyo (Art Center)

No. 13 | Avenue du Président Wilson | 75116 Paris | France

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          City Princesses

          Group Exhibition
          City Prince/sses

          21 Jun - 8 Sep, 2019


          • - Tala Madani
          • - Newsha Tavakolian
          • - Mehraneh Atashi
          • - Hoda Kashiha
          • - Farrokh Mahdavi
          • - Mamali Shafahi
          • - Arash Nasiri
          • - Reza Shafahi
          • - Amir Kamand

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