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The namesake of the Opelvillen Foundation is Fritz Opel (1875–1938). After buying Villa Wenske the son of Adam Opel (the founder of the Opel Works) had the second villa built (the present exhibition building) between 1931-32. Seventy years later, namely in 2002, the third villa was built by Kassel-based architects Schultze + Schulze. In the decades that followed, local people became acquainted with the Opelvillen in a number of ways as it was put to various uses, among them acting as a hospital and as the district court. The ensemble was bequeathed to the City of Rüsselsheim in 1955. After standing empty for some time at the initiative of artists from the region, the municipality in 1996 decided that the ensemble be put to cultural use. Then, two years later, the City of Rüsselsheim resolved to transform the Opelvillen into a cultural hub complete with a restaurant and a room for wedding ceremonies. By establishing the Foundation it became possible to host exhibitions, events, concerts, lectures and readings – in this way creating an open cultural center in Rüsselsheim that continues to be an important venue for education and encounters.

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