The Mucem is interested in the contemporary aspects of European and Mediterranean civilizations. Its collections include more than 350,000 objects, as well as a large assortment of documents, comprising a total of a million works of art, documents and objects, an extraordinary treasure trove that is promoted by means of an ambitious programme of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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The Mucem is open except Tuesday, daily in August and exceptional closure 1st May and 25 December.

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Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations

No. 1 | Espl. J4 | 13002 Marseille | France


The Factory of Illusions

Group Exhibition
The Factory of Illusions

42 days to the ending

19 Jul - 29 Sep, 2019

42 days to the ending


  • - Ali Zanjani

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