The Red City of the Planet of the Capitalism

Bahar Noorizadeh- Solo Show

10 Jun - 25 Jul, 2021
Bahar Noorizadeh- Solo Show

The Red City of the Planet of Capitalism is the first solo show Iranian-Canadian artist Bahar Noorizadeh has held in a museum in Europe. The multimedia installation she has produced for Museum Folkwang explores alternative urban planning concepts and whisks viewers away into a virtual world. Bahar Noorizadeh’s long-standing research interest in the history and evolution of urban planning is reflected in the virtual world of The Red City of the Planet of Capitalism. The two videos in the multimedia installation juxtapose two fictitious cities: on the one hand, scattered building complexes in a barren landscape, on the other an over-populated big city with a sea of skyscrapers./// Noorizadeh revisits the demands representatives of the Russian architectural avant-garde of the 1920s made that cities be dissolved – and sketches experimental ways out of the housing shortage in a Hong Kong of tomorrow. Her method relies on analysis, dissection, and recombination, and entails several levels of images and sounds. The virtual world is accompanied by idiosyncratic music, historical and fictional narratives, quotes from which stand in fragments and in bold block letters in the countryside. The method is also to be found in the fragmented sportscar that forms the spatial element for the installation. In this way, The Red City of the Planet of Capitalism interweaves different temporal, substantive and aesthetic levels.

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