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Hammer Museum
Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum, which is affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles, is an art museum and cultural center known for its artist-centric and progressive array of exhibitions and public programs. The Hammer Museum also hosts over 300 programs throughout the year, a diverse range of free public programs are presented at the Hammer Museum six evenings a week throughout the year, including lectures, readings, symposia, film screenings, musical performances, and other events. The Armand Hammer Collection is a small selection of European and American paintings, drawings, and prints that formed the original impetus for the foundation of the Hammer Museum. Armand Hammer, the founder and namesake of the museum, assembled and refined the collection through decades of involvement in the art market, both as a collector in his own right and as a co-founder of Hammer Galleries in New York City. The focus of the collection is primarily 19th century and early-20th century French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, though the collection itself spans the 16th through the 20th century. Programes: • Conversations • Hammer Forum • Members • Music & Performance • Public Engagement • Readings • Screenings • Special Programs • Tours & Talks

Opening Days: Everyday except Mondays, From 11 to 20

Working hours: 11:00 am-08:00 pm

In this museum

Print and Multiples, Pablo Picasso,  Le Repas Frugal (The Frugal Repast), 1904, 24014
1904 | Le Repas Frugal (The Frugal Repast)

Pablo Picasso

46.7 × 36cm

Painting, Tala Madani, Dirty Protest, 2015, 17606
2015 | Dirty Protest

Tala Madani

193 × 200cm

Painting, Gustave Moreau, Salomé Dancing before Herod, 1876, 22417
1876 | Salomé Dancing before Herod

Gustave Moreau

Painting, Claude Monet, View of Bordighera, 1884, 22416
1884 | View of Bordighera

Claude Monet

Painting, Vincent Van Gogh, Hospital at Saint-Rémy, 1889, 22415
1889 | Hospital at Saint-Rémy

Vincent Van Gogh

Painting, Eugène Grasset, Morphine Addict, 1897, 22413
1897 | Morphine Addict

Eugène Grasset

Painting, Honoré Daumier, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, 1868, 22412
1868 | Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Honoré Daumier

Painting, Camille Pissarro, Boulevard Montmartre, 1897, 22411
1897 | Boulevard Montmartre

Camille Pissarro

Installation view

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News and Articles

A $180 Million Project

A $180 Million Project

The Hammer Museum at U.C.L.A., which highlights emerging and under-recognized contemporary artists, is putting its gifts toward a $180 million project with the architect Michael Maltzan that is to increase gallery space by 60 percent. Its main building will be named the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Cultural Center.

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