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Carlos Pellicer Cámara Museum of Anthropology
Carlos Pellicer Cámara Museum of Anthropology

The museum is one of the most important museographic venues not only in the state of Tabasco, but in the country, since it houses an extensive archaeological legacy of the different cultures in Mesoamerica, such as, Olmeca, Mayan, Mexica, Zapote, Mixteca, Totonaca, Teotihuacana and Tolteca. It was inaugurated on February 16, 1980, on the 3rd death anniversary of the distinguished poet Carlos Pellicer Cámara, which was named after him in his honor, in addition to being the main donor of the collections protected in this cultural center The objective of this museum, located in the Cicom Zone in the capital of Tabasco, is to collect, preserve, classify, study, interpret and make public the archaeological pieces of Mesoamerican cultures, as well as increase in people the interest for culture by means of temporary and permanent exhibitions, thus strengthening the identity.

Working hours: 09:00 am-05:00 pm

Working days: Tuesday - Sunday Off days: Monday

Past Shows

Group Show Women Street Photographers
Carlos Pellicer Cámara Museum of Anthropology
4 Nov - 4 Dec, 2021