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A Place to Call Home
Group Show

49 days to the ending

15 Jun - 1 Sep, 2024


The art project A Place to Call Home presents ten Swedish and international artists with separate exhibitions that relate to the theme of home and neighboring motifs such as homelessness, homesickness and hauntings.///

Through a variety of artistic expressions, both the physical and mental home, its meaning and symbolism are explored.

In this year's exhibition, experiences of flight and exile's state of sadness and loss are depicted. How memory connects us to the past, as well as how certain things possess a charge that recalls personal history and events.

The mother as a symbol of the home. Relationships that give a sense of belonging. The home as a traumatic place associated with fear and insecurity. Or the life and everyday life of the literally homeless person.

In the exhibitions, the mental home within us also returns; in our mental images and dreamlike states. Or how art and music can be a home. The pen and the language. Smells and sounds. House and landscape.


Narek Aghajanyan | Parisa Aminolahi | Leif Engström

Janove Ekstedt | Barbro Hemer | Andreas Johansson

Peter Johansson | Fatima Moallim | Lovisa Ringborg

Knutte Wester | Collective of Unexpected Architecture


Installation view