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Above the Fields
Group Show

15 days to the ending

9 Mar - 5 May, 2024

Group Show


The belief that climate directly impacts on humans dates back to ancient times. As scholars have stated in various texts, climates have profound and transformative effects on human customs and thoughts.///

Climate change affects the environment, overshadows patterns of life, and fosters cultural developments, and from within these transformations, novel art subjects arise.

On the one side, the climate and nature influence the formation of the artist's vision and on the other, besides the aesthetic aspects, the works of art reflect the meaningful connection between humans and the changing world.

Naturalistic approaches account for a large part of the works of art history; many artists throughout history have directly taken advantage of nature representation to create their works, while the climatic and environmental conditions have affected their art themes and even led to the emergence of new approaches and art movements.

Representation of nature in Iran emerged with the school of Kamal-ol-Molk and expanded with the establishment of Sanaye Mostazrafeh Art School.

The followers of this movement mostly turned to Western Classicism at first; however, in the following decades, a new generation of artists studying in the Faculty of Fine Arts and traveling to the West to discover the latest achievements in Modern Art, sought to reach a new expression of representing nature that was both modern, influenced by their climate, and indicative of their Iranian identity and aura.

This show is an opportunity to observe the relation between climate, nature, and artistic expression in the works selected with a naturalistic approach from the collection of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Exhibition Curator: Masiha Rabiei

Installation view