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Earth and Sky
Group Show

32 days to the ending

23 Sep, 2023 - 7 Jan, 2024

Group Show


Earth and Sky highlights artworks primarily from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Collection that touch on how humans inhabit, construct,or perceive various natural,artificial,or ethereal environments.///

Through painting, photogra phy,print,sculpture,and video,this selection offers artistic impressions of natural phenomena , scientific anomalies,environmental influences on human behavior,and notions of belonging The exhibition features national artists Miya Ando, Charles Gaines,Nellie King Solomon,Mark Klett,Michael Namingha,Aaron Rothman,and James Turrell, as well as international artists Felipe Cohen (Brazil), Gohar Dashti (Iran), Pedro Meyer (Spain/Mexico), Rotraut (Germany/France), and Masao Yamamoto (Japan).

Organized by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by Lauren R. O'Connell,curator of contemporary art.