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Ghorban Khalili- Solo Show

7 Feb - 9 Apr, 2023

Ghorban Khalili- Solo Show


He was born in 1947, Khaniabad (one of the old district in Tehran). He dropped-out at 14 years old and he started to work in a photo studio because he liked photography. During those days the 15th Khordad happening was pappend when he was learning about camera, displaying photo, negative, etc. He started to take photos of that special day which there are only some frames of them, unfortunately.Ghorban Khalili tried different kinds of photography but he preferred to be press photog- rapher. At that time Jahan Phlavan Takhti(The famous Iranian wrestler) was died and he could take photos of that happening in the first moment and the reactions of Iranian. SAVAK(security force in Pahlavi period) confiscated those photos and now there are only some pictures of Takhti funeral in his private archive.///

Before Islamic Republic of Iran, press photography was limited to government newspa- per which were included meeting and speeches. There were a few photographers like Ghorban Khalili who followed Iranian community happening and with all the limitations could take wonderful and effective photos. With the start of 15th Khordad movement Ghorban Khalili who was the freelance photographer took photos of the remarkable subjects and sent them to the magazins and newspapers.He took part in many happenings during 1978-1979 and he could register the most import- ant happening photos of Iran with all the security limitations .One of the most prominent of his work was the photo which was published in second publication of 10th Bahman, 1978 in Keyhan with the name of "Don't shoot,soldier”. That photo which was in the first page of Keyhan could accompany the feeling of people with the Republic.

Ghorban Khalili had kidney disease and after 15 years dialyze and suffering many pains, he closed his eyes forever in 1998.
The most important cultural happening for Ghorban Khalili artworks:

Photo exhibitation "Republic from Ghorban Khalili" in home of Iranian photographer, hozeye honari, Jan 2003

Publication of photo book "Tapesh-e sabz" including 45 photos in home of Iranian photographer, Feb 2004

Presenting of Iraninan association of press photographers appreciation in 30rd anniversary of Islamic Republic of Iran, Feb 2008

Buying of his Iranian Republic Arts by Roodaki Foundation, 2008

Photo exhibition "Tehran,1978, by Ghorban Khalili" Tehran museum of contemporary art, Feb 2023

Installation view