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Tala Madani - Solo Show

10 Sep, 2022 - 19 Feb, 2023

Tala Madani- Solo Show


MOCA is organizing the first North American survey of Iranian-born artist Tala Madani’s paintings and animations. Bringing together fifteen years of the artist’s incisive work, the exhibition will highlight the often-absurd socio-cultural dynamics enacted within Madani’s art and, more broadly, the potent and combustible relationship between art history and global history. Madani’s paintings and animations are powerful meditations on the potential for art to reflect the deeply-seated cultural fears, conflicts, and desires of our present day. Rich in narrative and heavy in irony, they elicit curiosity, fantasy, and repulsion.

In this show

Tala Madani,  The Shadow, 2018, 0
2018 | The Shadow

Tala Madani

203.2 × 203.2cm

Tala Madani, Spectral Disco, 2020, 0
2020 | Spectral Disco

Tala Madani

249 × 203cm

Tala Madani, Blackboard (Further Education), 2021, 0
2021 | Blackboard (Further Education)

Tala Madani

152.4 × 304.8cm

Tala Madani, Untitled, 0, 0

Tala Madani

Installation view