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Group Show

80 days to the ending

2 Jul, 2022 - 19 Feb, 2023

Group Show

A meditation upon memory and metamorphosis, 'Afterimage' presents works by 26 artists who look at the ways in which what has vanished endures materially and metaphorically within spaces, bodies and forms. 

Encompassing a wide variety of media, the show is structured by four narrative paths – Material and Memory, The Mutable Image, The Body Disclosed and Inner Architecture – that interweave throughout the gallery spaces, suggesting a formal, immaterial architecture for the museum./// 

The viewers explore the 15 rooms of the museum and its passages, and to establish intuitive and spontaneous associations between the works, the architecture of Palazzo Ardinghelli, and the history of L’Aquila, a city that daily testifies to the need to remember and the impetus to transformation and that continuously manifests how the principle of metamorphosis contains that which has been and generates what will be.Encom passing a wide variety of media, Afterimage includes contemporary and historical experimentations in photography and film, spatial interventions, paintings, and sculptures, and explores the intersections of fragmented iconographies, mutable materials, perceptual memories, and morphing bodies.The exhibition set-up refrains from the concept of “sections” in favor of four narrative paths that cross the rooms, suggesting a formal and immaterial architecture within the physical architecture of the museum. These constellations of meanings are Material and Memory, The Mutable Image, The Body Disclosed, and Inner Architecture.

Curator: Bartolomeo Pietromarchi and Alessandro Rabottini


In this show

Tala Madani, Ghost Sitter (Blue Chair), 2020, 0
2020 | Ghost Sitter (Blue Chair)

Tala Madani