Art Without Borders

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Art Without Borders
Hosein Tadi - Solo Show

23 days to the ending

6 Jun - 26 Jul, 2022

Hosein Tadi- Solo Show

It may not be obvious that an Iranian artist exhibits in a synagogue. You can see that it is possible in the exhibition 'Art without Borders'. Art is pre-eminently the means to build bridges between cultures. But art can also be a means of connecting past and present and can blur imaginary boundaries./// This is the remarkable story of the difficult realization of a Jewish Monument in Groningen and how an Iranian artist 45 years later is inspired by this same work of art. In the synagogue we show a series of seven drawn hands, made by the Iranian artist Hossein Tadi. He dedicated his work to Edu Waskowsky, who designed the Jewish Monument in Groningen. This year it is 45 years ago that a commemoration took place for the first time at the monument, which consists of six hands and one empty pedestal. You can see and hear the special story of the Jewish Monument, Edu Waskowksy, but also Hossein Tadi in this exhibition.

Installation view