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In A Silent Way
YZ Kami - Solo Show

50 days to the ending

4 Jun, 2022 - 22 Jan, 2023

YZ Kami- Solo Show

In a Silent Way presents a mid-career survey of the Iranian-American painter Y.Z. Kami (b. 1956), including more than thirty years of his extraordinary portraits of people; his images of buildings, both sacred and ordinary; a sculpture installation of loose bricks inscribed with texts; and recent works of dreamlike abstractions. In a time when the world is a crisis of the mortal body, Kami’s works looks at bodies in ethereal calm, with a meditative and philosophical assessment of outward and inner being. Steeped in the traditions of the antique art of Egyptian Fayum portraits and ancient Persian poetry, while influenced by the thoughts of French moral philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas, Kami’s work is unique in global contemporary art.

In this show

YZ Kami, Rumi, Book of Shams-I-Tabrizi, 2005, 0
2005 | Rumi, Book of Shams-I-Tabrizi

YZ Kami

YZ Kami, Untitled, 0, 0

YZ Kami

299 × 177cm

YZ Kami, Untitled, 2010, 0
2010 | Untitled

YZ Kami

203.2 × 152.4cm

YZ Kami, The Great Swan, 2018, 0
2018 | The Great Swan

YZ Kami

335.3 × 274.3cm

YZ Kami, Black Dome, 2018, 0
2018 | Black Dome

YZ Kami

76.2 × 83.8cm

YZ Kami, Tana, 2015, 0
2015 | Tana

YZ Kami

85 × 58.4cm

Installation view