Dip in The Past

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Dip in The Past
Group Show

28 Feb - 15 May, 2022

Group Show

"Dip in the Past" shows the recurring preoccupation of painting with its own history.Dip in the Past" explores the various extensions of painting in postwar history. In the exhibition, artists of different generations and different cultural traditions are in dialogue with each other. This results in references of content and possibilities for dealing with the history and present of painting.With Mojé Assefjah and Daniel Knorr, we show two artists who emerged from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in the 1990s. Mojé Assefjah's paintings represent a color-intensive dynamically animated painting. Her brushwork and use of color refer to and interpret references and quotations from the history of painting. She is joined by U.S. painter Loie Hollowell with a similar palette but the geometrically fixed form that stimulates the depths of the imagination by alluding to the physical-organic.


In this show

Moje Assefjah, Viva La Pittura, 1999, 0
1999 | Viva La Pittura

Moje Assefjah