Faurschou Collection

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Faurschou Collection
Group Show

75 days to the ending

27 Feb - 31 Jul, 2022

Group Show

Entering the exhibition, the visitor is confronted by the strong scent of soap. Shilpa Gupta's interactive work Threat, thousands of bars of soap, stacked and imprinted with the word “threat,” inviting us to reduce the threat level by physically taking a bar home with us. The large structure of brown bars appear brick-like and sturdy, playing on our sense of what may or may not represent permanent danger. Juxtaposed with Hatoum’s Turbulence, Gupta’s installation compounds the visitor’s sense of unease, uncertainty, and flux. In a second room, Tiffany Chung’s detailed piece, From the Mountains to the Valleys, From the Deserts to the Seas: Journeys of Historical Uncertainty, fills the space with more than a thousand small handmade glass animals migrating to an unknown land, while Shirin Neshat’s epic photographic work, Speechless, stares back at the audience with unrelenting gaze.


In this show

Shirin Neshat, Speechless, 1996, 0
1996 | Speechless

Shirin Neshat

25.4 × 20.3cm

Installation view