Human, All Too Human

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Human, All Too Human
Arita Shahrzad- Solo Show

12 days to the ending

17 Feb - 29 May, 2022

Arita Shahrzad- Solo Show

CAAM, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, presents Human, All Too Human, the first exhibition in a Spanish museum by Iranian artist Arita Shahrzad. Curated by Carmensa de la Hoz, the show will be on display from February 17 to May 29 at CAAM's San Antonio Abad space. Human, All Too Human is a sculptural project of architectural, philosophical and poetic resonances, integrated by works created in Iran, which show the result of the research developed in recent years by Shahrzad, with the collaboration of artisans, architects and craftsmen of her country, who have managed to interpret her vision through technology and an intellectual dialogue that goes beyond the initial positions. The evolution of traditional Iranian art is the basis on which this exhibition project is based. The pieces that make up the exhibition are inspired by the traditions of this Middle Eastern country, based on the ancestral commitment of the Iranian people to protect and keep alive the culture of ancient Persia and its famous contributions to the history of art, in disciplines such as architecture, sculpture, masonry, ceramics, painting or calligraphy, among others, as well as in the creation of carpets./// Its idea is thus to contribute to the preservation of the precious human achievement that is Persian culture and to highlight its importance so that future generations can protect it and not see it as merely a matter of the past or a form of spirituality. It should not be forgotten that Persia was for some three thousand years an influential empire of legends and incalculable wealth, which, despite its complex history and waves of invasions, still proudly preserves its identity and language today…

Curator: Carmensa de la Hoz

In this show

Arita Shahrzad, Assem, 2021, 0
2021 | Assem

Arita Shahrzad

220 × 120cm

Arita Shahrzad, Birth, 2019, 0
2019 | Birth

Arita Shahrzad

90 × 90 × 86cm

Arita Shahrzad, Life, 2021, 0
2021 | Life

Arita Shahrzad

305 × 278 × 278cm

Arita Shahrzad, The Chrysanthemum Amor, 2021, 0
2021 | The Chrysanthemum Amor

Arita Shahrzad

170 × 140cm