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The Charm of The Unfamiliar

Pouya Afshar- Solo Show

83 days to the ending

3 Oct - 9 Jan, 2022

Pouya Afshar- Solo Show

Pouya Afshar’s solo exhibition is a multi-media story of displacement, migration, and resiliency. Afshar has constructed an experiential world where viewers can follow the fictional journey of a group of migrants to an abandoned, amusement park-like city. Each character has been transformed, physically and emotionally, as they adapt to their new circumstances while fighting to maintain their individual personalities and characteristics.

In this show

Pouya Afshar, Displaced I, 2018, 0

2018 | Displaced I

Pouya Afshar

83.8 × 166.4cm

Pouya Afshar, Displaced 3, 2019, 0

2019 | Displaced 3

Pouya Afshar

76.2 × 137.2cm

Pouya Afshar, Ellis V, 2020, 0

2020 | Ellis V

Pouya Afshar

50.8 × 40.6cm

Pouya Afshar, Displaced II, 2018, 0

2018 | Displaced II

Pouya Afshar

83.8 × 157.5cm