She Says: Women, Words and Power

Group Show

36 days to the ending

15 Jul - 24 Oct, 2021

Group Show

"She Says: Women, Words and Power" presents a broad range of approaches contemporary women artists are using with the incorporation of text as an essential part of their artistic practice. Each artist creates and reflects the written word as a formal building block: as way to convey trauma, to assert sexuality, or to investigate power structures on all levels. The artists come from a wide range of backgrounds and are at different stages of their lives and careers, yet, for each one text acts as a powerful visual punch. Their use of text navigates a delicate balance between image and language, personal and universal, or politics and poetry. In their investigations and declarations, we find connection, identity, and a mirror reflecting not only ourselves but the world in which we live./// This marquee exhibition presents the work of eight women artists who include text as a fundamental element of their art practice. Each one engages with text directly, navigating its power and reflecting its influence back to the viewer. Each artist starts with a personal history, a narrative that has deep roots in the written word. Words, for them, are internalized and interpreted according to personal experiences, culture, and values. The artists then shape these signifiers of attitude and belief into both the poetic and the political. Words are formed and sculpted within an artwork to find new definitions of identity and power.


Installation view