This End the sun

Group Show

14 days to the ending

30 Jun - 3 Oct, 2021

Group Show

How is time altered on the way down? Are we free as we are? Are we in any degree bound by our appetites? Are we at all in bondage to the opinion of our neighbors, to the customs and notions of the society, however harmful or absurd? Can we see things as they are, as they should be?/// No ground here! We got altered on the way down. 1: broken horizon, 0: binary reversal. Do we tell stories as they are, as they should be? (Why the same over and over again?) Inspired by the view through the Lobby Gallery skylights, the artists have designed a computer program that performs a prediction, constructing an ongoing speculative simulation of the sky overhead as it maneuvers between day and night. As with the title of the exhibition, the artists consider ideas of perspective in representation, probing the desire to control, frame, and capture. In addition to the projection, the exhibition includes new paintings by Hoseini, stone furniture by Johnson, and a video by Strafer, all of which were created specifically for this presentation.