Lemon Drizzle

Sanam Khatibi- Solo Show

11 days to the ending

30 Apr - 3 Oct, 2021

Sanam Khatibi- Solo Show

Lemon Drizzle is a solo exhibition in capsular form. The artist presents two large paintings on canvas, about a dozen still lifes on panel and an installation with art and decorative objects from the artist’s personal collection and selected by her from the collection of Musea Brugge./// The exhibition provides a space to experience her art. Khatibi, the works of art and the visitors are all part of a magical stage performance. Sanam is the protagonist. Her universe appeals to the imagination. Sanam opts for a complex visual language. In the paintings and installation, the artist brings man and animal, the inevitability of dying and death, transience and life, feelings of resistance and resignation, power and impotence, violence and destruction together in a fantastic, mysterious world. It all looks like mythological scenes. At the same time, the living creatures move as figures in mystical tableaux vivants with an apocalyptic character. They elicit wonder. They cry out for admiration. The stories of human rituals feel terrifyingly real. Artist and art invite reflection. Now that the evening is no longer silent (2018) and Lemon Drizzle (2021) exert an enchanting power due to their large size and overwhelming figures. The paintings display - as grotesque figures - unsubstantial, almost transparent, naked female figures. They bathe sensually in colour and light. (Light) green and yellow shades predominate. Overwhelming female figures dominate the spectacle. With a refined sense of detail, Sanam Khatibi pays tribute to the woman who defies, but also embraces the power of natural and human force. They seem to be frail goddesses who richly illustrate the poem La Géante by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

You can see this show through the following link: https://www.museabrugge.be/en/virtual-tours/sanam-khatibi

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Installation view