Atrium Project: Orkideh Torabi

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Atrium Project: Orkideh Torabi
Orkideh Torabi - Solo Show

16 Jan, 2021 - 2 Jan, 2022

Orkideh Torabi- Solo Show

Orkideh Torabi (Iranian, b. 1979) continues the MCA’s Atrium Project series with Peach House’s 5 Bucks Morning Special (2020). Torabi rendered a vividly detailed bathhouse filled with characters based on men she encountered during her upbringing and visits to Iran. Inspired by traditional Persian miniature paintings, Torabi depicts the rooms of the bathhouse in a split-scene style. After transferring paint dye onto cotton fabric, Torabi dries it with an everyday hairdryer, resulting in the saturated colors in her artworks. For this exhibition, in which her work is presented at a larger scale than it has been before, Torabi’s work on cotton fabric has been transferred to vinyl.

In this show

Orkideh Torabi, Peach House's 5 Bucks Morning Special, 2020, 0
2020 | Peach House's 5 Bucks Morning Special

Orkideh Torabi

137.16 × 215.9cm

Installation view