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YZ Kami; Nominee for Asia Arts Game Changer Awards 

Author : Niloofar Nedaei

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

According to the Gagosian Gallery's website, YZ Kami has been nominated for the Asia Arts Game Changer Awards 2022. Running the annual Game Changer award for seven years, the Asia Society held this year's award on May 19, 2022, with the presence of numerous attendees concerned with Asian art.

The event is aimed at honoring prominent artists across Asia who have made major impacts on society by creating unique artworks. Every year, artists, experts, collectors, sponsors, and trustees of the Asia Society gather to celebrate impressive aspects of art from Asia and the widespread society across this continent.  

YZ Kami | Source: www.gagosian.com 


Asia Society is a well-established educational foundation that identifies and fosters the latest contemporary Asian artists and provides space for promoting a mutual understanding. This organization tries to strengthen partnerships between people, leaders, and art institutions in a global context.  


Kamran Yousefzadeh, known as YZ Kami as an artist, was born in Tehran. His artworks are resulted from exploring, studying, and scrutinizing the flux between matter and spirit. He uses painting, drawing, collaging, and sculpting to create abstract works which refer to architecture, geometry, and poetry. His portraits, depicted on large-scale canvases, surpass the realm of unknowns and present some faces with either closed or open eyes staring at the viewer or just looking down.





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