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A Narrative of Three Iranian Women Photographers in Berlin

Author : Soheila Habibi

Reading Time : 1 Minute

A group show titled "Overlap" started on October 8 and ran until October 15, 2021, at Galerie Erster Erster in Berlin. The show features the works of three Iranian women photographers: Sara Abbasnejad, Sara Abbaspour, and Saaede DoostBekheir.
The photos in the show are divided into several categories including women, kids, still-life, animals, and the city. Subjects and representations are repeated in these photographers' works and in fact, they overlap with each other. These three photographers tried to change the typical narrative surrounding Iranian photography and introduce a different attitude of Iranian perspective. They used harsh light, decisive moments, and precision in detail to achieve this goal.
The show's curator, Mohammadreza Mirzaei, creates a subjective narrative through repeated compositions and objects; an unreliable narrative based on external sources.  Socio-political implications could be part of this exhibition.
"Overlap" showcases the new Iranian photography. This event invites the audience to once again take a closer look at mandatory ideologies.