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About the Printed Matter Window Installations

Author : Safoora Seyedi

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

Window Installation with Josh MacPhee


Throughout the "Printed Matter's" history, storefront windows have acted as the face of the organization. Various artists have been allowed to create a work and display it behind the store's window. In 1976, when, for the first time, Lucy Lippard, founder of Printed Matter, assumed control of the two windows of the store on Lispenard street in Tribeca, she quickly decided to design a significant installation project as a form of public art.   

Her project, which lasted for a long time, included the first professional exhibitions by artists such as Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Antoni Muntadas, and Richard Prince. The project turned into a platform for presenting political art. In the beginning, it was aiming to raise public awareness about issues including gentrification, misogyny, poverty, and the increase in nuclear weapon arsenals. Today, however, Printer Matter's window is engaging in a broader range of subjects and is regularly discussing socio-political justice with the public. The window has also become an opportunity for emerging artists to create an installation based on what they have presented throughout their careers.  

The "Printed Matter window" installations are a part of store-exhibition events executed by this organization. These events are related to the organization's book releases and publishing projects. This art publication's window symbolizes what the publication has been doing for years. Printed Matter has shown its comprehensive support for artists by giving them the chance to access and control the store's window, which is the most publicly visible space of the organization.