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Pop Up Photography New York 2022 

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

Pop Up Photography 2022 hosted an exhibition of about 400 photographs from around the globe from May 18 to June 4, 2022, in New York, with Alex Novak and Andrew Smith as curators. Photographs presented in this event are among the most prominent works of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries; from daguerreotypes dating back to the beginning of photography to modern photographs. 

Father and Child | ca. 1852 | Daguerreotype | www.artsy.net


These images are captured by most well-known photographers in the art history: Henri Cartier-Bresson; André Kertész; Brassaï; Aaron Siskind; Irving Penn; Ansel Easton Adams; Eugène Atget; William Henry Fox Talbot; Lewis Baltz; Edward Weston; Harry Callahan; Minor White; etc. 


The photos are mostly related to a period in time when black and white photography was prevalent and natural landscapes, still lives, and 20th-century portraits, produced by influential photographers, consist the major part of them. Concurrent with the art fair, all photographs are displayed on Artsy's website (www.artsy.net). 






Cover photo:

  • Garry Winogrand | Untitled from "Women Are Beautiful", c. 1970-Printed 1981 | Gelatin Silver Print | www.artsy.net 

Slider photo:

  • Imogen Cunningham | Unmade Bed, 1957/1957c | Silver Print on Original Mount | www.artsy.net