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Dog, Cat, Mouse, Human; Reviewing Hadi Fallahpisheh's Works

Author : Ali Alamzade Ansari

Reading Time : 3 Minutes

Upon encountering Hadi Fallahpisheh's work, we observe a painter moving an effective object, making a pattern on the affected surface, but he is also a photographer artist; The equivalent of the English word "photographer" is a person who captures the effect of light on a surface. It is with light and light-sensitive photographic paper that he creates his works; As follows, he draws on the photographic paper in the darkroom using a flashlight, fixes the trace of light on the paper with a fixer solution, and finishes his work by installing the photographic paper on the canvas. It is possible therefore to tell Fallahpisheh both paints and photographs when he creates his work. In other words, he is an artist who paints photography and photographs painting!

Hadi Falapishi | Young and clueless | 2021

How Hadi Fallahpisheh creates his pictures is similar to that of a still-life painter. While he uses limited number of repeated objects in his images similar to still-life painters, his work differs only in how the objects are installed. In most works, he uses human, dog, cat, and mouse to tell new stories each time. He is looking for new adventures between these four characters in contrast to the still-life painter who explores novel visual relationships between objects. Therefore More than a painter, he is a storyteller who uses illustrations to tell his tales.   

Since Fallahpisheh's works depict mouse, cat, and dog as humanoid characters wandering around the house, they are reminiscent of the famous American cartoon "Tom and Jerry." The characters in this cartoon are eternally chased. It is a never-ending chase in which neither character ever can overcome the other!  This cartoon series is interesting since despite being a game without results, we as observers and mouse, cat, dog and human as performers repeat this, we observe, they act; It's as if there are different results every time! Each time we return to the first point, we see the same dog, cat, mouse, and human who, without understanding and remembering the experience, stumble in pursuit like Sisyphus. The four characters in Fallahpisheh's works are in different situations. They are depicted captive in a spaceless timeless nondescript house engaging in strange and abnormal things and adventures that are taboo. It seems that these humanoid creatures might be the same cartoon characters from the past; the only difference being that before they appeared in his works, they realized this vicious circle at a fateful moment and decided not to continue it any longer. In a work titled "young and clueless," the mouse and cat are making love as the dog is thrown out and the human is imprisoned in a cage. 



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