An Introduction to Art Rotterdam 2022

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An Introduction to Art Rotterdam 2022

Author : Negin Kashfi

Reading Time : 3 Minutes

The 23rd edition of the Art Rotterdam will be held in Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam from May 19 to 22, 2022. This art fair is focused on presenting new art which makes it a dynamic event. The art fair presents the recent developments of contemporary art and provides a place for new talents to be discovered. Important national and international galleries are invited to the event and will be awarded prizes at the end. The Object Rotterdam runs simultaneously, but independently, in Las Palmas. 


Attending galleries in Art Rotterdam 2022 are classified into four sections. Viewers can visit hundreds of artworks in these sections, some of which are of special importance. Different sections and some of their artworks are introduced in the following: 

Kévin Bray | It Looks Both ways | 2019 | 


  • Main Section with 66 galleries 

The most remarkable artwork in this section belongs to Kévin Bray, the young French photographer, who uses video, 3D photography, digital painting, animation, and sculpture in his works and expands their borders.  


  • Solo/Duo Section with 27 galleries 

  • New Art Section with 6 galleries 


The most important artwork in this section belongs to British-Japanese artist, Lilah Fowler. She investigates the consequences and effects of technology on humans' contemporary outlook and analyzes to what extent these technologies are handmade. She has presented her thoughts in the form of an installation and constantly works with experts in other fields such as biochemistry, quantum physics, computer programming, mathematics, and weaving.  



Lilah Fowler | '3841' | 2019 |

Thibault Brunet | untitled #2 | Boîte noire series | 2019 |


  • Projections Section with 9 galleries 

One of the most important artworks in this section is done by  Thibault Brunet, who tries to establish a link between the real world and the virtual world using photographs. He questions documentary photography and looks for a new way of displaying the digital age and virtual world in the real world. So he creates three-dimensional objects in order to expand and represent the surrounding world.  

Other remarkable artworks in Art Rotterdam belong to artists such as Tarona, Mano Penalva, Viviane Sasen, Joana Schnider, Philip Vermeulen, and Minne Kersten


Rotterdam Art Week 2022 :

Rotterdam Art Week, in which Artworks related to the field of design and architecture are displayed, will run from May 18 to 22, 2022 with Charlotte Nijsten as the director. During this week 70 events will be held in 50 places. What distinguishes this art week from its counterparts, is the Object Rotterdam which introduces a pioneering exhibition of design artworks and helps discover new talents.  

Developing Great Projects 2022:

The Exhibition of the Mondriaan Fund, with Johan Gustavsson as curator, in cooperation with Gabija Seiliute, will display artworks of 88 visual artists and will be held in the Expedition building located opposite the Art Rotterdam.  

Outdoor Artworks of Art Rotterdam 2022 :

The following artworks will be displayed in this section: 

  1. The Totem by Teun Castelein 

  2. Mothership by Paul Geelen 

  3. Blues by Onno Poiesz 

  4. The Promised Land by Eugenie Boon 

  5. Seduction by Marjolein Witte 

  6. An artwork by Charlotte Lagro 

  7. An artwork by Esther Bruggink