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Introduction to the Eye of the Collector Art Fair and a Review on Eye of the Collector 2022 

Author : Negin Kashfi

Reading Time : 3 Minutes

The second edition of the  Eye of the Collector  art fair will run from May 11 to 14, 2022 at Two Temple Place historical building located in the center of London. This event is noted by collectors since it is considered as a special art season that takes them on a new journey to visit artworks. On the first day of the event, visiting is only allowed by invitation. Nazi Vassegh, as the founder and CEO, James Mackie, Catherine McCormack, Tarek Shamma, and Adrian Sutton are the members of the art fair.  

Introducing different sections of the Eye of the Collector 

  • Viewing Room 

Viewing rooms are huge, virtual interiors for the online presentation of artistic experiences in a creative, efficient way. Items displayed in this section are selected from the works presented by pioneering galleries. 35 artworks are displayed in this room, some of them are mentioned in the following: 

A.R. Penk | Three of Many 


  1. Oil painting (150×140 cm) by Tizta Berhanu (1991), graduated in fine arts from Addis Ababa University, where she studied figurative painting. In her artworks, faces express a variety of feelings: some embrace each other in peace, while others are separated on a mysterious background. Her paintings are full of primary colors applied with thick brushstrokes. Through depicting subjects that express love, hate, sorrow, and loneliness, viewers are invited to experience mutual feelings.   

  2. Painting by A. R. Penck (1939-2017) titled "Drei von Vielen" (Three of Many) is painted with acrylic and silk paint on canvas and presented by Opera Gallery. Penck is known as a Neo-expressionist artist. Looking for developing a visual, semiotic language that is open to decoding, he creates his paintings and sculptures in simple forms and in a way that they appear as primitive symbols and patterns, thus causing the viewer to respond with imagination.  

  3. Wooden artwork by Alexandra Champalimaud titled "Herron Settee" which is inspired by glaciers in North America.   

  4. Silent video (1981) titled "Sleeping" Madonna by Leni Dothan, the Israeli artist based in London who usually refers to the relation between mother and child in his artworks.  

    Oscillum Depicting a Dancing Maenad 


  5. Marble sculpture titled "Oscillum Depicting a Dancing Maenad" which shows the maenad follower of Dionysus.  

  6. Metal pitcher with beak-like spout related to the Etruscan art.   

  7. "Psalm", an artwork by Damien Hirst which refers to Psalms book of the Old Testament and the natural transformation of butterflies.  

  8. Wooden sculpture of an Egyptian man dating back to the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt.   

  9. A vase with black enamel dating back to the 4th century BC in Greece.  

  10. Watercolor painting by Barbara Nicholls, the British artist, whose artworks' fine details remind the viewer of gemstones; because she uses diluted watercolors.   

  11. Dining table and six chairs created by Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler.   

  12. "Target and Flower", an oil painting by Cissie Kean, the German artist. 

  13. Stone plate created by Glithero titled "Hold Me" with a pattern of twenty hands and a silver gelatin print of a photograph. In this artwork, the artist is attempting to respond to human's interest in understanding how objects are built or the same moment of genesis.  

  14. "Blankenau Dining Table" created by Lukas Wegwerth, the German artist.   

  15. "Shelter No.4" which is actually a white stone plate created by Janet Lines, the British artist living in Athens.  


  • Curators 

At the Eye of the Collector 2022, the curatorial team put a limited number of artworks on sale. Members of this team are: 

Alissa Yoffe, Fredrikson Stallard, Langlands & Bell, Joshua Raz, Kate Mccgwire, Lara Bohinc, Marius Bercea, Maryam Eisler, Misterwim, and Robert Gordon Mchargi II