Paula Rego, the Portuguese-British Artist, Passed Away

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Paula Rego, the Portuguese-British Artist, Passed Away

Author : Soheila Habibi

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Paula Rego, the Portuguese-British artist, who was known for her prints, collages, and paintings of storybooks, died at the age of 87. Imaginary creatures, signs of Portuguese folklore, images of girls, and issues related to feminism were the main elements of her artworks which, compared to her initial works, contained stronger and even rougher forms and were created with a combination of painting and printing.  

Rego regarded her childhood English teacher as one of the most inspiring figures in her life; the young teacher had helped Rego amplify her imagination power by reading her some poems. In her artworks, she always preferred pastel over oil.  

Famous museums and galleries like Serpentine Gallery, the National Gallery in London, and Tate Liverpool museum have exhibited Rego's artworks over the years.