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Opening of the Photo London 2022 at Somerset House

Author : Nafiseh Saleh Abadi

Reading Time : 2 Minutes

From May 11 to 15, Photo London 2022 will hold its 7th edition at Somerset House. By gathering international leading galleries from all around the world, this event provides its audience with the opportunity to visit distinct photographic artworks. The VIP show will be held on May 11 and the public can attend the art fair from May 12 to 15. More than 100 galleries including Albumen Gallery from London, Bildhalle Gallery from Zürich, Camera Work Gallery from Berlin, and Fish Eye Gallery from Paris will be participating in this event.

Pink Powder, Lily Donaldson Wearing John Galliano, 2008 © Nick Knight


Photo London 2022 focuses on the solo shows of prominent artists such as Mikhael Subtozky from Johannesburg, Melanie Manchot from London, Hannah Hughes from Berlin, Marianne Maric from  Zürich, etc. Lots of publishers will collaborate in order to display artworks in the format of photo-books. Artistic conversations, public programs, and the discovery section are the other parts of this event, in addition to showcasing the artworks. Well-known author and curator of the art world, William A. Ewing will manage the artistic conversations and through these conventions, Anastasia Samoylova's artworks will be discussed from the perspective of the author and curator of photography David Campany. The work of Scottish documentary photographer Polly Braden will also be reviewed during this edition and the audience will become more familiar with her work style, associated with photography, film, video, and Performance Art. Nikon Corporation will also hold photographic workshops as one of the partners of this event. The public section of the 7th edition of Photo London will focus on presenting the artworks of British photographer and artist Nick Knight and go over his artistic activities from 1980 to the present. A memorial will be held for the Italian photographer    Frank Horvat as well.
As in the past two years, the Artsy website will also collaborate with the event in the section of Photo London Digital.



  • www.photolondon.org
  • www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/photo-london-2022